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Youth Engagement is on the agenda at the 69th Standing Committee held in Geneva, Switzerland (27th November-1st December 2017)!

This document, written by the CITES Secretariat, provides a follow-up on the Youth Forum for People and Wildlife held in Johannesburg, South Africa (September 2016), and South Africa's Youth Conservation Programme.

Y4WC endorses the recommendations the Secretariat is making to the 69th Standing Committee.  We are encouraged by the CITES Secretariat's suggestion to Sri Lanka as the host country of the CoP18 to: 

"explore options to organize some colourful and informative events during the CoP together with youth organizations such as Youth for Wildlife Conservaton"

Y4WC also submitted an Information Document outlining our engagement with CITES processes so far and providing a summary of our 'Millennials in Wildlife Conservation, Project Report'. It gives practical suggestions to organizations, governmental institutions and all those involved in engaging youth in conservation worldwide with a basis for constructive discussions around youth engagement, in order to ensure that young people are able to participate fully and effectively in all aspects of the conservation field. You can read it here: 


Finally (if you have not read enough yet), here's what we have prepared for the SC69:

It can be downloaded here.