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🐘 World Elephant Day 2017 🐘

Around the world young people are working hard to conserve and protect elephants and their habitats. Six years ago, August 12th - was launch as World Elephant Day, a focused day to bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants.  Coincidentally it is also International #YouthDay, the perfect opportunity for Y4WC to partner with the organizers of WED to showcase engaged and passionate youth working to protect and conserve elephants over the world, share their opinions and open discussions on how we can all #BeElephantEthical.

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Yelkouan Shearwater Project - Billur Bektaş

It was in my first year at university where I truly met ecology as a science. Simultaneously, I was fascinated with the dynamic interaction networks in nature: all species were interconnected within their ecosystem, each species could interact with their ecosystem and each ecosystem was interacting with others forming the biosphere. It was as if I opened a door to the most essential: Life!

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Imogen Scott
Youth stories from across both North and South America on World Wetland's Day.

Wetlands are remarkable places that sustain thousands of species worldwide, including humans, and more importantly, in an age more natural disasters are occurring due to the change in our climate, they are crucial for disaster risk reduction.  

To celebrate World Wetlands Day and the positive conservation steps to protect these areas and their wildlife, we bring you three stories from youth about their conservation work across North and South America in these wet and wonderful ecosystems. 

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