Youth for Wildlife Conservation
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About Y4WC


Youth for Wildlife Conservation (Y4WC) is a global network of early-career conservationists catalysed by the Youth Forum for People and Wildlife held in September 2016. Our members are leaders in wildlife conservation projects from the four corners of the globe.  

We are pioneers, innovators, and instigators that drive positive change and do not accept the status quo. Our work covers a wide-range of geographies and utilizes a range of approaches to solve the environmental challenges we face. The common threads that connect us all is our passion for wildlife and nature. This translates into a strong commitment to robust and innovative projects led by youth that are active as community leaders in wildlife conservation around the world.

By building a network of, and investing the right resources in, passionate early-career conservations, Y4WC aims to give them the support, opportunities, skills and recognition they need to advance their careers and take their wildlife conservation projects to scale and build the future conservation leaders the world needs.



To create a more positive world for people and wildlife, by empowering early-career conservationists with the skills, support, tools and network they need. Enabling them to envisage a long and successful career in conservation, working for wildlife and communities around the world.

          OUR MISSION

To support early-career wildlife conservationists by empowering them to become catalysts for change and the future conservation leaders the world needs.



Y4WC is committed to advancing youth leaders in their conservation careers by:


o  Facilitating an international network of peer to peer support and recognition,

o  Providing capacity-building and skills development resources,

o  Promoting the sharing of diverse opinions and perspectives on these, quite often complex issues of wildlife conservation.

o  Advocating for youth engagement and empowerment within policy making processes at the international level.

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                        You may ask yourself:

Why is youth empowerment so important for the future of our planet? Why does Y4WC support the next generation of conservation leaders?

                                        Well, here's our answer:

Sometimes it is alright to be Outrageously Unreasonable