Working as an intern in Tbilisi zoo .

Working as an intern in Tbilisi zoo.

Alexandra Kalandarishvili

My Name is Alexandra Kalandarishvili, I come from the small country of Georgia and I am a Wildlife management engineer. I have always carried a deep passion and love for wildlife and it always disturbed me to see some of the most unique species in such troubling conditions. It is easy to get discouraged after hearing about the problems related to the environment and wildlife, but the never-ending efforts to right our wrongs never ceases to inspire me. Standing up for wildlife and contributing to conservation efforts has become my career goal. The future where the balance is met and life is lead in a sustainable way is what motivates and encourages me.

Conservation is a team effort and so I feel inspired when young people like myself come together to play part in wildlife conservation. I am excited to join the Y4WC forum, to meet people around the world and hear about their experiences while sharing my own. I look forward to learning more about the wild world and become a more capable professional.