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Apply for the Y4WC Forum in 2019


Youth for Wildlife Conservation Forum at CITES CoP18
Colombo, Sri Lanka (20-28 May 2019)


Read the following and apply below.


Join Y4WC in the first youth-led skills development and networking Forum that will take place prior to and during the 18th gathering of the world’s biggest conservation policy making forum, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (or CITES CoP18 in short) in Colombo, Sri Lanka (20th-28th May, 2019). Our goal for organizing the Youth for Wildlife Conservation Forum is to advance our mission by fully engaging and empowering early-career wildlife conservationists in the CITES processes, consequently contributing to the long-term conservation of wildlife worldwide.

We will gather a group of 15 young conservationists from diverse backgrounds, aged between 18 and 30. You can be a researcher, a grassroot campaigner, an artist, a game ranger, a filmmaker or run a community education project… the options are endless, just tell us what makes you committed to wildlife protection and conservation! We want to catalyze a new generation of wildlife conservation leaders committed to effective policy and management of wildlife that translates to practical, grassroot conservation efforts on the ground.

So join us to debate issues, explore solutions and build the skills the world needs for the well-being of people and wildlife.

Activities during the nine-day forum include a team field excursion, skills and capacity building workshops, debates and discussions with experts in the field and endless social events for networking. Successful applicants will need to demonstrate commitment to wildlife, environmental, conservation and/or sustainable community development issues to earn their place at the Forum. You will need to be willing to devote time prior to and following the Forum to engage with a wider online community, demonstrate how you will use what you learn, and contribute to the diversity of the group experience.
Travel and participation costs are covered.



1.   Complete application. You may attach a separate page but you must adhere to the maximum word limits for each question. You can also apply online at (Link).
2.   Secure a letter of recommendation from a professional or community reference who is associated and/or familiar with your studies and/or work
3.   Include a photo of yourself
4.   Send it in and explore the rest of the Y4WC website

You can apply online using this google form or if you woud prefer to apply using a paper application, download the pdf here.



Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply you must:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old on the 19th of May 2019
  • Be able to commit to travel to Sri Lanka from the 19th-29th of May 2019
  • Be able to understand and speak English (fluency is not required; however the forum will be conducted in English and participants are expected to be comfortable in the language)
  • Be a member of Y4WC: it’s free to become a member and only takes a minute 

By signing up, you agree that Y4WC can send you information about the youth movement in wildlife conservation, Y4WC campaigns and the occasional newsletter with added opportunities to get involved.

Candidates from under-represented and minority groups in conservation are strongly encouraged to apply.



Quick Reminder

This application is to select individuals to attend the in-person Y4WC Forum in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We wish we could take everyone, but due to funding we are only able to take a limited number of delegates with us. However, you will have the opportunity to benefit from this initiative no matter what, as alongside the in-person forum we are coordinating an online forum experience for everyone in the wider Y4WC network to participate in.

It will give you the opportunity to develop your skills, benefit from capacity building resources, virtually network with other like-minded youth, and together share your perspectives and experiences in meaningful discussions around CITES, wildlife trade matters and conservation initiatives.

Whether you are a participant to the Forum in Sri Lanka or connected from the comfort of your home, YOU can contribute to youth empowerment and wildlife conservation.

Application must be completed and submitted with letter of recommendation and photo by

11:59 PM/ 23:59 GMT, Wednesday, 31st of October 2018

PLEASE NOTE: A valid passport will be required for selected participants prior to booking travel