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Y4WC member Mingyu from China, working in the field collecting camera trap data for his PhD research on Snow Leopards.

Y4WC member Mingyu from China, working in the field collecting camera trap data for his PhD research on Snow Leopards.

You may have seen the #MeetTheNetwork posts on our social media. This is a chance for you to network with other early-career conservatiosts across the world and to showcase yourself, your work and your passions.

We want to know what conservation action you have undertaken, what is your motivation and what have been the challenges you have had to overcome?

We want to hear from you, even if you are just beginning your conservation journey. So if you are a part of our network and are interested, contact us with the subject line Meet the Network



Have your say in the Conservation Conversation.

We are looking for our network to dig deeper into the world of wildlife conservation. To look beyond the headlines and get to the grittiness underneath. Together we will uncover the real issues and find the solutions that need to be implemented. The threats facing the world’s wildlife today are formidable, but conservation works. For it to work though, we need people at the heart of the solutions, we need proper collaborative research, innovation, multidisciplinary approaches and the sharing of best practices.
We need new perspectives.

If you’re interested in communicating your ideas on conservation issues, we have a list of topics we are looking for input on. Or pitch us your own topic for the network. We just ask that it is well researched and digs deeper into conservation.

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World Wildlife Day 2019!

Y4WC has partnered with the United Nations and the CITES Secretariat, for the third time, as part of the official working group for a successful World Wildlife Day 2019!

This year's theme is around marine life. If you work on a marine conservation issue or just have a burning passion and new knowledge on conservation that you want to share, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us  with the subject title WWD2019 and help the Y4WC network build a campaign for marine life on World Wildlife Day 2019! 


We need your help. If you like what you see and can contribute to our efforts, then you can now donate to Y4WC through our CROWDFUNDER page!  

Help us keep empowering early-career conservationists and protecting wildlife around the world!
Any amount is greatly appreciated. 


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We want to mobilize and create a social movement for wildlife conservation. To promote the positive conservation work of younger people in this field. To share current knowledge that will help us advocate for better policy around wildlife trade and trafficking. To share best conservation practices and learn from eachother. To share not only the good times but the struggles of being a conservationist too.
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