Pangolins, elephants, tigers, sharks, seacucumbers, and so many more species that are threatened with extinction all have their fate decided this year. We want to ensure that they are protected.

Every three years government representatives and experts get together to debate species issues and  international wildlife trade. Historically, younger grassroots conservationists, the ones this policy actually impacts, have not been engaged.

But this year we want that to change.

But, we need your help.

Right now Youth for Wildlife Conservation is raising money for our forum at the convention which this year is taking place in Sri Lanka, and we have  20 passionate young conservationists joining us from around the world who will be coming together to engage in these discussions, form solutions and ensure that our wildlife is protected from illegal trade.

Not only are we taking these 20 people as a delegation but Y4WC is a global movement, currently we have members in 153 countries. We want to share this experience and engage with everyone in our network. We want to help them develop their skills and make sure they fully are engaged with the policy created, so together we can act to end wildlife trafficking and build a better, more sustainable world for people and wildlife.

As a new, youth led charity 100% of your donation goes to our projects to benefit wildlife and early-career conservationists.  Conservationists like Abraham from Kenya, a wildlife ranger who was tasked with caring for Sultan, the world’s last male northern white rhino or CJ from Malaysia who has help survey orangutans and monitored illegal trade in South-East Asia. We need to support these individuals and our endangered species. We are saying no to extinction.

And with your donation so can you.

With all the issues facing wildlife right now, youth empowerment might seem like a luxury, but it is not. It is the fundamental basis in which we can build a better world. It is an investment.  More than ever, we need new voices. We need dedicated, young, passionate conservationists to come together to form solutions and to be empowered to act!

So I urge you to please invest in your future and invest in the Planet.

Stay wild