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Ana Giovanetti


Hey guys! I'm Ana (@asgwild), a Canadian student 🇨🇦 that's just returned from studying an MRes in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Southampton, UK.

I've spent the last year investigating the impacts of various grazing regimes on the vegetation 🌱, soil and herbivores in Kenya's 🇰🇪 Maasai Mara. 
Land degradation in human-wildlife interfaces are hot-topic issues and the Maasai Mara offered a unique environment to explore grazing research as the best way to meet both wildlife and human needs 🤓. What was particularly challenging was navigating conservancy stakeholders, rangers and pastoralist support throughout data collection.


As grazing is such a hot-topic 🔊, it was often the catalyst to a discussion on best practices where it was essential that my guide could translate what they were doing and why, in order to maintain a healthy rapport. 
The study 📜 found rotational grazing and livestock exclusion offered the richest vegetation structure, although ongoing analysis is required to uncover the exact mechanisms!

Now that I've finished my research 🕵🏼‍♀️ I look forward to continuing down the land management route and hope to return to East Africa for further research opportunities!