Chiranjeevi Khanal


Hello fellow conservationists! I'm Chiranjeevi and I am a forestry graduate and research conservationist actively engaged in the rescue of wildlife in Western Nepal!

Since my childhood I have been attached to wildlife, however, there are very few people working on their conservation here in Nepal, particularly outside of protected areas. I currently work in Dang, a district outside of protected area jurisdiction but rich in biodiversity, so the decision was made eight years ago to start our own conservation awareness and rescue campaigns here. We are finally starting to see the results of our hard work, with over 100 snakes, turtles, striped hyena’s, crocodiles, deer species, civets and many more having been rescued since.

The district is becoming more aware of the needs for conservation but there is a lot more work to do in other areas of the country. I believe youth are the power for this change, so I try to meet as many people as I can to encourage them to learn about the importance of conservation.

I speak in favour of our wildlife and biodiversity and work for their betterment so that their habitat and future can be secured. I now hope that others will follow and do the same.

Chiranjeevi Khanal