Morgane Ristic


Hello everyone! My name is Morgane (@rainforest_release), and I’m a French national working in the field of rescue, rehabilitation and the release of wild animals. I got into the conservation field during what was meant to be my gap year before Business School, however, I fell in love with wildlife conservation and ended up landing myself a job in the industry.

Currently, I am working at the Jaguar Rescue Center in the Costa Rican jungle, managing the primary forest release site. Most of the animals arrive at the rescue centre due to human-wildlife conflict i.e. they are hit by cars, electrocuted on power lines or illegally kept as pets. Alongside the volunteers, I work on the release of wild animals such as monkeys, kinkajous and parrots back into their natural environment, followed by extensive post-release monitoring. These activities present a constant day-to-day challenge due to the sheer number of wild animals that require care as a result of us humans negatively encroaching upon wild habitats.

In the long term, I would like to start my own rescue centre in order to protect local wildlife and educate the public on conservation issues and the exploitation of wild animals.

I’m excited to be a part of a growing Y4WC network full of thriving and passionate conservationists!

Morgane Ristic