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Reza Dwi Kurniawan

My Name is Reza Dwi Kurniawan from East Borneo. I am an Anthropologist and am now working at the Centre for Orangutan Protection as a Manager at the release site. The best part of what I do is to give a second chance to the orangutans at the rehabilitation centre to live free in the forest. I also manage a ranger team across 13.566 hectares of Protected Forest, and we also travel around the forest providing education and awareness to the plight of the orangutan. The most important thing in conservation is people knowing about the problem and together helping to solve it. I am passionate to save the only one great ape in Asia. Deforestation is still a threat and we cannot talk about saving the species without saving the habitat.

I’m so excited to join the Y4WC forum and CITES CoP. Here I have a chance to meet a lot of great people who share the same passion as me, talk about our work and our problems so that we can find a best solution for all of us from across the world.