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WWD 2017


Thank you for joining us to celebrate young voices on World Wildlife Day 2017! 


As official partners of the 2017 UN World Wildlife Day celebrations for the first time, it was a big deal for us! Y4WC ran a campaign to highlight the positive conservation actions of youth and the importance of 'Listening to young voices'.

Y4WC's official PSA video for WWD2017 

A core belief of Y4WC is that the world should ‘Listen to young voices’ not simply because youth are underrepresented in conservation and international conventions, but because we are already making positive impacts in our communities and may have new solutions and perspectives on conservation matters.

As part of the campaign you sent us photographs and videos of why you think the world should 'Listen to the Young Voices', sharing your reasons why you think it is important to engage with the next generation, and your positive impact in your communities for people and wildlife.

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Ready to listen to what youth have to say? Start by reading our message to the world on the UN World Wildlife Day official website.

As well as our campaign, members of Y4WC were also invited to the United Nation's Head Quarters in New York to take part in a youth panel.

To watch Swetha's speech and to read about the day, check out our blog here: