For a second year now, Y4WC partnered with CITES and the United Nations to celebrate World Wildlife Day.
2017 was a defining year for us as the theme for World Wildlife Day was 'Listen to the young Voices.'

This year the theme was 'Big Cats: Predators Under Threat.'

We took part in a number of activities that highlighted the role of youth in big cat conservation; including sending a delegate to the UN WWD Celebrations in New York, and hosting a youth roundtable. Have a look!


Just one of the global events this year was the International Big Cat Film Festival hosted by Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Documentary storytelling is a great way to raise global awareness of the critical challenges facing these iconic species.

What is extra special for us is that Y4WC was appointed as a judge, bringing the youth voice to the awards. The winners were announced on Friday, 2nd March at UN Headquarters event in New York.  

We would like to use this opportunity to share stories of our members, and we are still inviting you to share YOUR work or opinions on topics related to big cat conservation.

You can submit your stories here or on our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page.


On World Wildlife Day we held a Youth For Wildlife Conservation roundtable hosted by the Global Landscapes Forum. 

Five young conservationists around the world discussed how they are involved in Big Cat Conservation.

Read about it here.

Even though the day is over, there is still time to get involved!

Not sure how to engage?   
We’ve crafted some writing prompts to help you share your personal story and how it relates to the greater conservation story.

Discussion topics:

  • Explain your conservation work and how it fits into the greater conservation world.
  • Why do you believe youth are important in conservation?
  • Why do you believe Big Cats are important? (To ecosystems, people, the world?)
  • How does your work relate to big cats? (Think outside the box on this one. Your work can loosely tie to big cats, for example: Do you work with a plant or animal species that is part of a big cat population’s ecosystem? Or communities that experience conflict with big cats? Does your art feature big cats?)
  • What does conservation mean to you?

Wildlife trade themes:

  • Poaching of wild big cats 
  • The tiger bone trade in Asia
  • The more recent lion bone trade emerging from Africa
  • Snow leopard conservation
  • Leopard skin trade (over Africa and Asia)
  • Human-big cat conflicts drivers
  • Demand Reduction efforts for big cat parts and derivatives

Hashtags to include:

#BigCats    #PredatorsUnderThreat    #WWD2018 #WorldWildlifeDay    #Youth4Wildlife