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Millennial engagement in conservation at the ICCB 2017 Conference in Cartagena, Colombia.

By Alfred Ole Mepukori.

What a convention! I'm back home from Colombia where Cecile Tang and I attended the 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB). Sitting on a youth panel, it was a unique opportunity for each one of us to share our voice regarding our personal journey in conservation.

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The Power of Positivity: Y4WC at Conservation Optimism

'Budding and perennial conservationists need to feel inspired and continue in the profession, not put off by pessimism.' 

For too long news about nature and the environment has focused on sad stories and spiraling statistics, it is time for a new narrative, conservation works and there are tonnes of positive stories out there. The #ConservationOptimism movement is spearheading this change and Y4WC is right along with it. In April 2017 Y4WC delegates presented a interactive workshop on the importance of diversity in conservation for positive change and a better world,  at the Conservation Optimism Summit in London.  

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Y4WC at the UN HQ IN New York celebrating WWD2017

A core belief of Y4WC is that the world should ‘Listen to the young voices’ not simply because youth are underrepresented in conservation and international conventions, but because we are already making positive impacts in our communities and may have new solutions and perspectives on conservation matters.  Swetha Stotra Bhashyam representing Y4WC at the United Nations HQ in New York. 

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Greetings from CBD13 in Cancun, Mexico

In December 2016, four members of Y4WC headed to Cancun’s United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) CoP13. The CBD is a multilateral treaty whose objective is to develop national strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, and we were there to learn how young conservationists can be more involved in global negotiations that affect us all.

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‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ – IFAW Youth Forum for People and Wildlife

It's been 10 days since I had to say goodbye to 34 new best friends - the courageous, gorgeous and dedicated youth delegates of IFAW's Youth Forum for People and Wildlife. Despite having a big hole in my heart I am more inspired than ever - the combination of ideas and passion coming from these people (and many others all over the world) will ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Mother Earth. 

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